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 The EVA 71 PLC fountain is ideal for a demanding everyday use at home or at the office.

Its capacity of 7 liters can perfectly meet the needs of a family of two to four persons, for drinks as well as for a kitchen use.


EVA filters the undesirable substances potentially present in tap water: chlorine, color, heavy metals, arsenic, chemicals from pharmaceuticals and phyto sanitary (POV) Volatile Organic Products (THMs) trihalomethane etc..., and from 70% to 98% of the nitrates.
EVA remineralizes tap water, offering a water pH of 7.3 / 8.3, a pure and clear water, perfect to drink, cook, for coffee, tea...

The BEP model adds 3 more steps of filtration to remagnetize water and give it a proportion of hexagonal clusters in harmony with body fluids, with a much higher potential for oxygenation and a maximized energy conductivity. More informations


The water provided by EVA is suitable for babies (infant formula, drinking water...).


*Warning. in spite of the tests and certifications, it is important to check that your water doesn't contain more than 40 mg / l nitrate BEFORE FILTERING WITH YOUR FOUNTAIN EVA (please confirm with the water authorities of your geographical area).


EVA fountains are accredited by quality control agencies of international reputation:



  •  Department of Analysis and certification of water supplies (South Korea)




The products are rigorously controlled by government or independent agencies in many countries, Japan, South Korea, Middle East, United States of America, United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, France, etc..


How to use the EVA fountain


Taking care of your EVA fountain


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