Fo Shou 佛手

Blauw-groene theeën of Wulong (Oolong)

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Temps d'infusion 30' à 1 min en GFC
Température 95°C
Moment de la journée A tout moment
Dosage 5 à 6g Wulong
Pays Chine
Plantation manuelle oui
Récolte manuelle Oui
Préparation recommandé Gong Fu Cha

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A very limited production among the rock teas of the area of Wuyishan. The name of this tea, "Fo Shou", means "Buddha's hand". Originally from the Anxi region, in the South of the Fujian province, this tea is perfectly adapted for the Wuyi area. Its beautiful leaves are large, thick and twisted, its nose is woody, roasted, with notes of dried fruits, and slightly chocolaty; associated with lingering fruity aromas. To prepare preferably in gong fu cha, in a gaiwan (6 to 7 g) or with a Yxing teapot.


 Tea and health

According to Chinese traditional medicine, wulong (oolong) blue-green teas are good for the cardiac system, help reduce fatigue by stimulating the nervous system, eliminate toxins, favour digestion, regulate the urinary system... A daily intake of these teas (6 to 9 g) has relaxing and anti-stress effects, also supporting weight loss by improving the metabolism of lipids.

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