Tie Guan Yin 2014 铁观音

Oolong (wulong) blue-green teas

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28,90 €
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Temps d'infusion 30' à 1min en gong fu cha
Température 95°C
Moment de la journée A tout moment
Dosage 5 à 6g Wulong
Pays Chine
Préparation recommandé Gong Fu Cha

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This exceptional tea comes from an organic garden of Anxi. It is only slighty oxidized, and its flavour is like a bouquet of white flowers. It has a persistent retro-olfaction, a lingering flavour. A tea much appreciated by connoisseurs, to prepare in gong fu cha !

 Tea and health

According to Chinese traditional medicine, oolong (wulong) blue-green teas are good for the cardiac system, help reduce fatigue by stimulating the nervous system, eliminate toxins, favour digestion, regulate the urinary system... A daily intake of these teas (6 to 9 g) has relaxing and anti-stress effects, also supporting weight loss by improving the metabolism of lipids.

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