Cake of Sheng raw Pu-erh 2015

Dark teas (Pu Er)

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Exclusivité web
Temps d'infusion 4 min
Température 95°C à 100°C
Moment de la journée Journée
Dosage 5 à 6g Pu Er en GFC
Pays Chine
Plantation manuelle oui
Récolte manuelle Oui
Préparation recommandé Gong Fu Cha

The liquor is light, offering both vegetal and woody nuances.To prepare at 95°C for 4-5 min.

Sheng Pu-erh 

also called "raw", this is the traditional Pu-erh. It is "naturally" post-fermented, so that the development of the bacterial fermentation (specific to these teas) automatically starts after the treatment of the leaves. Pressed or loose, the leaves, still green at the start of the process, are "worked" (fermented) with time by micro-organisms.  It results a rather slow evolution (oxidization) of the colour, flavours and aromas of the tea. According to the conditions of preservation, this type of tea can take several years before reaching maturity.

 Tea and health

 Pu-erh, oxidized and fermented teas, have long been an essential of Chinese traditional medicine and for the minorities and nomadic populations living in distant areas or in the borders of China. These populations were mostly eating very fat dried meat and butter, to help the body resist the cold, altitude and the lack of fruits and vegetables. Pu-erh teas helped them regulate their diet by fighting against the accumulation of fat. Western researchers also admit now the qualities of Chinese dark Pu-erh teas, their depurative properties, they capacity to balance the organism, help digestion and eliminate bad cholesterol.



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