An Cha 安 茶

Dark teas (Pu Er)

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19,90 €
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Temps d'infusion 4 min
Température 95°C à 100°C
Dosage 5-6g en Gong Fu Cha
Pays Chine
Récolte de printemps oui
Récolte manuelle Oui
Préparation recommandé Gong Fu Cha

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 A dark tea (Chinese black tea) from the province of Anhui, traditionally packed in small bamboo baskets and banana leaves, in quantities of 500g. We offer you packs of 100g. The liquor has a beautiful amber colour, and develops notes of wood, chocolate, humid soil, and a final sweet, almost syrupy note. As its famous brother the Pu-erh, it favours, according to Chinese traditional medicine, the elimination of fat and cholesterol.

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