Avongrove Darjeeling

"English" black teas

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Temps d'infusion 3 min
Température 85°C à 90°C
Dosage 10g /litre soit 1 c. à café rase/10cl
Pays Inde
Récolte de printemps oui
Bio Oui
Préparation recommandé Théière classique

The Avongrove ("bird's nest") gardens are settled in the valley of Rungbong, near the Balasun river. They culminate at  a height of 1.650 m and spread on more than 185 hectares. The quality of this organic garden improves from year to year.




Tea and health

Red teas (often called "black teas" in Western countries) don't have the positive reputation of green, white or oolong teas in terms of health benefits, but they nevertheless have interesting properties. They contain powerful carbohydrates (polysaccharides) which slow blood sugar absorption and can help in cases of diabetes or in a weight loss diet. The antioxidants present in red teas may also play a positive role in weight loss, along the other benefits they offer, such as helping decreasing the risks of cardiovascular diseases. They relax the muscles of bronchioles, thus helping regulate and enhance breathing.  Drinking red tea is also said to help bring cortisol (the "stress" hormone) levels back to normal more quickly and might even help recover sooner after a workout. Red teas have a reputation of containing an important amount of caffeine, but they still have less caffeine than coffee. So, drinking red teas offers caffeine's benefits - alertness, concentration... - but without its more negative effects.


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