Maté Torréfié (Roasted Mate)


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Temps d'infusion 5 min
Température 95°C
Moment de la journée Journée
Dosage 50 g/50 cl en Calebasse

Yerba Maté (ilex paraguariensis) was born in South America and is produced in Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay. It is also called "Jesuits tea". Very rich in caffeine, it has a detoxifying effect and is very tonifying. This mate is the roasted version of green mate. The roasting process gives mate a very aromatic flavour. We recommand to prepare the roasted mate with a calabash gourd (an emptied and dried fruit, also named "mate"), with about 50g of mate for about 50cl of water, and to brew it several times. In doing so, the tonic effect is somewhat softened, as water is poured several times in a row on the same leaves.

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