Anxi Oolong China Set

Chinese teas

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Exclusivité web
Temps d'infusion 30' à 1min en GFC
Température 80-85°C
Moment de la journée Journée
Dosage 5 à 6g Wulong
Pays Chine
Plantation manuelle oui
Récolte manuelle Oui
Préparation recommandé Gong Fu Cha

From the region of Anxi, a famous area of the Chinese province of Fujian, we offer an exceptional selection of five different vacuum packed flavours of TGY. These blue-green teas, characteristic of the Southern Fujian oolongs, are rolled in "dragonfly-head shapes", only lightly oxidised and low in caffeine.

Scroll the pictures to see each tea in dry leaves and its liquor.

Set of five 7g bags.  A must-try!

  1. Autumn Tie Guan Yin 安溪铁观音 yellow bag
    This autumn harvest offers beautiful full leaves and a vegetal bouquet. Its golden liquor reveals a spinach aroma, with a very light acidity. Then, the bouquet evolves with more flowery notes, of violet and lilac. To prepare preferably in gong fu cha, with a very hot water, by short successive brews – from 20 to 30 seconds.
  2. Tie Guan Yin Suanxing (autumn 2015) 酸型铁观音 "sour" TGY (slightly acid) white bag
    Its infusion brings out a bean aroma, with a few buttery notes, and a touch of turmeric.
  3. Tie Guan Yin Xiaoqing TGY (autumn 2015) 消青铁观音 brown bag. Only very slighlty oxidised, this Tieguanyin  offers a crystalline liquor, and his crisper, very herbaceous. Slightly salty at first, it brings out in the mouth lingerinn and flowery  flavours (violet). 
  4. Tanbei TGY (2 years) 炭焙铁观音 A traditional TGY, still young, grilled on a wood fire.
    This is a more classicTieguanyin which, once dried, goes through a post-roasting phase, on a wood fire. This final step give the tea a toasted flavour, with notes of chesnut, mushroom and exotic fruits. 
  5. A 2014 Tie Guan Yin Shucha from the terroir of Xiping. It is a ripe tie guan cuit (same appellation as for the Pu-Erh) grilled on wood fire and left ripen. Still young, this tea brings out floral notes, with already a light caramel aroma. Red bag.

Tea and health

According to Chinese traditional medicine, oolong (wulong) blue-green teas are good for the cardiac system, help reduce fatigue by stimulating the nervous system, eliminate toxins, favour digestion, regulate the urinary system... A daily intake of these teas (6 to 9 g) has relaxing and anti-stress effects, also supporting weight loss by improving the metabolism of lipids.

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