Unami, a specialist of premium teas

Unami Tea House is a specialist in the best premium teas of guaranteed origins from China and Japan.

Each year, our small team of experts travels to choose the best teas and offer you a coherent and representative selection of high quality products.

Our suppliers, chosen with the utmost rigor, provide us with teas from Taiwan (Formose), India (Darjeeling, Assam), Nepal, Java, Africa... but also with flavoured teas and other infusions like mate from Argentina, South African rooibos, Japanese amacha and sobacha, Chinese fo tian cha and chrysanthemum flowers ... Voir notre sélection

The six families of teas

Our range of plain teas covers the six families as described by the Chinese nomenclature:

 Unoxidised green teas

White teas

Yellow teas

Blue-green tras (Wulong ou Oolong) partially oxidised

Oxidised red teas (also called black teas)

Oxidised and fermented dark teas

 Our tea house and the art of tea

You can taste our teas in our tearoom, opened from Mondays to Saturdays, from 10 A.M. to 7 P.M. We also offer various menus of steamed savouries and delicious tea flavoured pastries.

You can discover the families of teas with our specialists, participate in traditional ceremonies or tasting sessions, in a word, discover the art of tea. This art consists in preparing each tea in the best possible way, in order to develop its qualities to their fullest: by using the appropriate teapots and tools, respecting the right quantity and brewing time, using filtered water and of course heated at the right temperature!


To prepare and store your tea in the best possible conditions, it is necessary to get the right accessories; teapots, tea caddies, filters, kettles… We will progressively add a carefully selected range of accessories on our website, in order to meet all your needs.Voir nos accessoires