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Secure online payment by credit card use the electronic commerce payment tool: CM-CIC Paiement from the CIC bank. The Customers are therefore assured of the protection of their transactions. This guarantees that the bank information provided upon confirmation of an order, will not be transmitted in the clear during the transaction, thus eliminating the risk of piracy. isn’t, at any time, informed of your bank data. The only information we receive is: "payment is confirmed, you can prepare the order" or "payment failure (data-input error or lack of funds)".

Therefore, any order from a customer shall be deemed valid only after the confirmation of the payment center. In case of refusal on the part of CM-CIC payment, the customer is immediately informed in the payment interface. In this case, the order cannot be taken into account by

   Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption: a powerful tool for the securing of your transactions

The CM-CIC Bank secure payment system of the CIC relies on the use of SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. This technology is the most widely used protocol in the world. It is compatible with almost all browsers. Thanks to this system, it is impossible to read the transmitted data during transfers via the Internet: no information passes passing through the web in the clear!

The  3DSecure system : an additional protection tool

During the payment process, can set up an additional authentication system: the 3DS. It consists in additional informations (in addition to the card number, expiration date and security code) you will be asked to provide in order to confirm the payment. This informations are only known by yourself and your bank. Once the informations received, your bank will confirm that you are the owner of the card and the transaction will then be confirmed.

Payment by check

The customer shall send his check at the following address: Unami –Service Commandes –  8 rue St Jacques BP 332 59026 LILLE CEDEX, FRANCE

The check must be made out to Unami. On the back of the check, the customer will write the name and number of the order.

Any order paid by check will be processed upon receipt of the check by retains orders awaiting payment by check for 1 week. After this period, the order will be canceled.

Data recorded Unami-store payment system constitutes proof of all transactions between Unami-store and its customers. 

Paypal payment

Nous acceptons les paiements Paypal même si cela nous coûte plus cher qu’un paiement par carte bancaire classique. En effet, Paypal est un moyen de paiement sécurisé largement utilisé dans le commerce électronique. Il permet de payer en ligne sans communiquer ses données financières, par la simple identification de l'adresse électronique et un mot de passe.


We accept Paypal payments, in spite of the fact that it is more expensive to us than a traditional credit card payment. PayPal is a safe means of payment widely used in electronic commerce. It allows online payments without the share of financial information, by a simple identification of the email address and a password.

Payment by bank transfer

To pay by bank transfer, you simply need to select "transfer" in our order form. You will then have to send your payment within 15 days. The payment must be accompanied by your order number, so that we can assign it to the relevant order. If we don’t receive the payment within fifteen days, the order will be canceled. bank account ID :


Bank details :

Bank code : 30027

Branch code : 17001

Account number : 00020040206

key : 24

IBAN : FR76 3002 7170 0100 0200 4020 624