Terms of use

The www.unami-store.com website is run by THEO Ltd., whose name and address are as follow :

 Sarl THEO UNAMI Maison de Thé Traditionnelle

Registered capital of 138.000 euros

Siège social : 8 rue St Jacques BP 332 59026 Lille Cedex

Telephone : + 33 (0)3 28 52 43 70

RCS de Lille, SIRET : 449.257.492.00016

intra-EU VAT number : 71.449.257.492

Directeur de publication : Jean-Benoït Bourrel
1. Object

The general terms and conditions detailed in the articles below apply to all orders placed on the site www.unami-store.com, hereinafter referred to as www.unami-store.com  or "website". Accordingly, the fact of placing an order implies full acceptance without reservation by the purchaser to the general conditions of sale.

They are accessible at all times on the website, allowing buyers to consult them and be aware of them when ordering.

www.unami-store.com reserves the right to modify or change at any time these terms and conditions of sale. In the case of a modification, the general terms and conditions in use at the date will be applied to the orders.

2. Products

The products are accompanied by descriptions and photographs that are intended to present the products in the best possible way for the customers. Nonetheless, these pictures and descriptions have no contractual value and the responsibility of unami-store.com cannot be engaged in that regard if unessential differences were to be noticed between the product and its description.

Similarly, given the nature of our products and the random factors related to cultivation (which can vary depending on the environment, areas, weather and agricultural conditions), our teas can not therefore imply a guarantee of results.

De même, compte tenu de la nature des produits vendus et de facteurs aléatoires liés à la culture (pouvant varier en fonction de l’environnement, des régions, des conditions agronomiques et atmosphériques, nos thés ne sauraient par conséquent comporter une garantie de récolte.)
3. Prices

All prices are shown in euro (€) and include VAT (at the percentage applicable on the day of the order), but exclude shipping and delivery fees (please refer to article 7). The prices are

Unami-store.com may be required to modify its prices at any time but commit itself to ensure that the products are charged on the basis of rates in effect at the time of registration of the order, subject to the availability of the products at this date and to its actual payment.

Unami-store.com can provide its customers with occasional promotions on certain products: these promotions will be offered at fixed dates and durations and for limited stocks.
The promotional codes provided to individuals can not be used more than once per household and per year.

The products remain the property of unami-store.com until full receipt of the payment. We invite you to keep your invoice ; it will be necessary for any complaint you might make.

4. Orders

4.1 Ordering process

unami-store.com offers three possible ordering processes to its customers :

- on the internet, on www.unami-store.com;

- by phone, at the following number : + 33 (0)3 28 52 43 70 (from Mondays to Saturdays, from 10 A.M. to 7 P.M .). Payment by check only;

- by mail, by printing and filling the order form available on the internet, and sending it to the following address with the payment check:

Sarl THEO Unami
Service commandes
8 rue St Jacques BP 332 59026 Lille Cedex


The mail order must imperatively be signed and dated. In the case of mail orders made on the occasion of a promotion with a limited validity, the date as confirmed by postmark will be taken as a reference for the calculation of the price.


The informations provided by the customer during the ordering process are his responsability and bind him. In the case of some error or partial informations given by the customer, unami-store cannot be held responsible of the impossibility to deliver the order within a normal time limit. 

4.2 Validation

After the ordering process, the order’s validation signifies the full acceptation of the order and of the general conditions and terms of use.  

Once the order validated, unami-store.com acknowledges receipt of the said order as soon as it is registered and commits itself to fill the order subject to availability of the products. In the case of unavailability of the product, unami-store.com commits itself to inform the customer and offer an alternative solution, which the customer is free to accept or reject.

4.3 Cancellation:

Cancellation and modification:

Any request for the cancellation or modification of an order before it is despatched is only possible with the express consent of our customer service (telephone: +0033 (0) 3 28 52 43 70 or email = @ jbbourrel unami -store.com).

If the order includes perishable items and is already in shipping process, unami-store reserves the right to refuse the cancellation or the modification of this order.

Right of retraction:

The guaranty of the right of the customer to return the products applies to all products unlikely to deteriorate rapidly. To exercise the right of returning a product, in accordance with the L.121-20, L.121-20-1 and L 121-20-2 articles of the Code of Consumption, thank you to first contact our Customer Service to confirm the return address of your articles, and then send us your product (s) in their original packaging within 14 days of receipt to the address provided by Customer Service.

The product(s) must be returned in perfect condition in the original packaging, unopened, unsealed, undamaged, unmarked, unsoiled.... (including the individual packaging of the product), and with the original invoice. Otherwise, the product will be returned at the customer’s expense.

Within a period of less than or equal to 15 days from receipt by us of the returned products sent according to the above instructions, the customer will receive a refund by check or transfer letter (depending on the original method of payment), equal to the amount of products purchased and the transportation costs incurred (subject to presentation of proof of payment sent to customer service: 8 rue St Jacques 59800 Lille, France). On request to the Customer Service, the customer can also choose to keep the amount of the order in the form of a credit note for further orders.

Availability :

To serve our customers in the best possible way, all of our products offered for sale are stored in our warehouses. Our product offerings and prices are valid as long as they are visible on the site, subject to availability.

If one or more items of an order should be out of stock, unami-store.com agrees to notify the customer by mail, mail or telephone as soon as possible, to offer other products to replace the unavailable ones, and to offer, when appropriate, a refund by crediting the customer’s bank account or by check at the latest within thirty days from the payment of the order by the customer. 

Please note that unami-store.com reserves the right to cancel any order for which payment by check is not received after a delay of one week. unami-store.com also reserves the right to cancel any order from a customer with whom there was a dispute over the payment of a previous order.

In any case of a remaining dispute, unami-store.com may be required to discuss with the client about the conditions of processing a new order.

5. Payment

unami-store.com accepts the following payment methods :

* Credit card (blue card, Visa, Mastercard) 

- on unami-store.com via a secured access with the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) payment system of the CIC bank;

- with a credit card, by phone. The customer must call Customer Service who will register his payment with the informations stated on the credit card (number, end of validity date), the validation code and order number. In that case, in order to preserve it’s customer’s privacy and security, unami-store.com will not keep the card number after the order.

* Bank or postal checks

By bank or postal check payable to the SARL THEO UNAMI for the total amount of the order, VAT and shipping fees included. In the back of the check the name and number of the order will be written by the customer. The check will be sent with the filled order form to:

Sarl THEO Unami
Service commandes
8 rue St Jacques BP 332 59026 Lille Cedex


unami-store.com reserves the right to limit the maximum sum allowed for a payment by check. The order is shipped after the check has been cashed. Unami retains for one week the orders awaiting payment by check. After one week, the order will be canceled.

* PayPal

Paypal allows online payments without the share of financial data, with a simple identification by email address and password.


* Transfer

To pay an order by bank transfer, the customer simply needs to select the “transfer” option in the order form. The transfer must then arrive to unami-store.com within fifteen days and the order’s number must imperatively be indicated with the transfer, to enable us to indentify it. If unami-store.com doesn’t receive the payment within fifteen days after the ordering day, the order will be cancelled.   


unami-store.com bank account ID :

Bank details :

Bank code : 30027

Branch code : 17001

Account number : 00020040206

key : 24

IBAN : FR76 3002 7170 0100 0200 4020 624

* Credit note, coupon or Unami-Store gift voucher 

On the website, in the order section, insert the credit, coupon or gift voucher number in the « discount » zone and then click to recalculate to validate the code.

By phone or mail, please indicate the code of the credit, coupon or gift voucher.

A credit, coupon or gift voucher is only valid once. www.unami-store.com reserves the right to refuse the use of a credit, coupon or gift voucher whose validity date would be expired.


6. Securisation payment system


6.1. Securized banking transactions

On the website : the transaction is securized with the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) payment system of the CIC bank. When a customer enter his bank ID, he is directly connected with the CIC payment server. unami-store.com is not informed of the customer’s card number, which is not stocked on unami’s server.

6.2. Website hosting

unami-store.com hosting is made in a protected environment on the  servers of its partner OVH - 2, rue de Kellermann – BP 80157 – 59503 ROUBAIX CEDEX 01, France

6.3. Protection of the customer in the case of a payment by credit card

To offer a guarantee of perfect security to its customers, unami-store.com sets up all the necessary procedures to the customer’s protection against any fraudulent use of the customer’s credit card.

If any fraudulent charges should be found on your bank account, we recommend that the customer sends as soon as possible a registered letter to his bank, in order to regularize the fraudulent operations.

7. Deliveries


7.1 Date of delivery

Tous nos produits sont préparés à la demande et directement expédiés depuis notre entrepôt. Dans votre intérêt, nos expéditions peuvent être décalées par rapport à la date indiquée lors de la commande en fonction de conditions climatiques ou d'information de perturbations sur le réseau postal.

All our products are prepared on demand and shipped directly from our warehouse. In the customer’s interest, our shipments can be delayed from the date specified in the order, according to climatic conditions or informations of disturbances on the postal network.


In any case, unami-store.com commits itself to do the maximum to respect the delivery date chosen by the customer and to inform as clearly as possible the customer of any modification that might occur concerning this delivery date.


7.2 Delivery address

By default, the products will be delivered to the delivery address mentioned on the order form.


7.3 Shipping fees and terms :

Delivery costs:

The shipping fees a proportional to the order’s total weight for a delivery in mainland France.

Additional charges apply for a delivery outside mainland France ; they are specified on the order form before final validation, the additional cost being calculated according to the selected country of delivery. The packaging and shipping costs are calculated according to the total weight of the purchased products.  

Should any change occur in the basic delivery costs of the provider, the necessary ajustments will be applied to each order to respect the costs in vigor on the day of the order. 


For the sending of oversized and heavy parcels, unami-store.com will entrust the delivery to a carrier. The delivery fee will be proportional to the parcel’s weight and/or size.


7.4 Shipping times and method

Shipping times announced on the website are all calculated in working days.


The times indicated are average times corresponding to the added periods of order processing, preparation and shipping (from the moment the order leaves our warehouse). They run from the order validation. At this period of time must be added the period of time corresponding to the delivery of the order by the carrier. 


Any available item is dispatched by unami-store.com in a maximum of 24 to 48 hours after the validation of the order.

In all other cases, the date of availability of the item is specified on the item description and can vary from 3 to 30 days, depending on the type of items ordered. 


For an order composed of several items, the shipping time of this order is based on the longest shipping time. Unami-store.com reserves the right to split the order into multiple shipment, at no additional cost to the customer.


If an item is out of stock, unami-store.com will send to the customer a refund corresponding to the price of the ordered item plus postage and shipping costs  at the pro-rata of the order. In the case of an order containing only one item, postage and shipping are completely reimbursed.


The items are delivered by French post in So Colissimo Suivi, with a delivery time of generally 48 hours for a delivery within mainland France. The customer is informed by e-mail of the dispatching of his order and of the tracking number of the parcel.

Heavy (over 30 kgs) or oversized parcels are delivered by a carrier within 48 to 72 hours. An e-mail will inform the customer of the name and address of the carrier in charge of the delivery within the indicated timeframe.

Unami-store.com can not be held responsible for any noted deviation from the announced delivery time and condition and will not be held responsible for any delay that may not be on its part.

Delivery incidents :

The customer must notify the carrier and unami-store.com of any reservations he might have on the delivered product (eg damaged package, opened package ...) within 48 hours of receipt of the product. The customer can benefit from exchange and refund conditions as stated below.


unami-store.com is not responsible for non compliance with delivery times by the carrier itself. Therfore, no compensation or refund can be requested from unami-store.com in a case of delay due solely to the failure of the carrier. Any order cancellation, whatever the motive, that might be accepted the unami-store.com will only give right to repayment of the sums paid by the customer. No compensation related to the cancellation may be claimed.


8. Guarantees :

8.1 Product compliance 

unami-store.com undertake to refund or exchange defective products or not corresponding to your order. In this case, the customer is required to write a detailed report and to return the concerned product or products.


According to the customer’s choice, unami-store.com will proceed to the exchange or refund of the product. The request must be made within eight working days after the delivery. No complaint made ​​after this deadline will  be accepted. Products must be returned in the state in which the customer received them (they must remain unopened), with all items provided (accessories, packaging, instructions). Returns by collect freight costs or cash on delivery won’t be accepted by unami-store.com.


8.2 Quality and freshness of the teas

Our teas are aimed for a family use and comply with the rules and standards of the European Union. Our suppliers are periodically inspected and approved by the competent bodies. Teas are sensitive to heat, humidity and air.


unami-store.com guarantees the origin of its teas and their sending in the best possible conditions.


At the receipt of the package, if the customer considers that a product has been delivered in poor condition, unami-store.com undertakes to answer the customer’s request on the basis of pictures sent by e-mail or post, and to proceed to the exchange of the product.


9. Customer Service

Our customer service is at your disposal for any information or question:

- by e-mail, via the contact form available on the website : jbbourrel@unami-store.com

- by post, to the following address : Unami - 8 rue St Jacques BP 332 59026  Lille Cedex, France

- by phone: 0033 (0)3 28 52 43 70

10. Intellectual property


All the texts, illustrations and photographs presented on the website and on www.unami-store.com are protected by intellectual property rights. Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited without prior authorization of the owner.


11. Responsability

unami-store.com can not be held responsible for any breach of contract caused by the occurrence of an event of force majeure, such as a total or partial non functioning of postal services, carriers, or such as disasters caused by floods or fires.


Nevertheless, unami-store.com commits to do the maximum to rapidly find an alternative solution.

Les produits offerts sont conformes à la législation française en vigueur et aux normes applicables en France et en Europe. Ils doivent être utilisés conformément aux indications données dans les notices et autres documentations communiquées aux clients. unami-store.com ne saurait être tenu responsable des conséquences d'un tout autre usage de ses produits. De même, la responsabilité de unami-store.com ne saurait être engagée en cas de non-respect de la législation d'un pays, hors communauté européenne, où le produit serait livré (par exemple en cas d'interdiction d'un produit). Les photos sont communiquées à titre illustratif; si vous souhaitez des renseignements complémentaires sur les produits vous pouvez contacter notre service clientèle. En cas d’achats à titre professionnel, unami-store.com n'encourra aucune responsabilité pour tous dommages indirects du fait des présentes, perte d'exploitation, perte de profit, perte de chance, dommages ou frais, qui pourraient survenir du fait de l'achat des produits.


The products offered are in accordance with French legislation and with the standards applicable in France and Europe. They should be used in accordance with the guidance provided in the manuals and other documents provided to the customers. unami-store.com can not be held responsible for the consequences of any other use of its products. Similarly, the responsibility of unami-store.com can not be held liable for failure to comply with the laws of a country outside the European community where the product might be delivered (for example if the case of a ban on a product). Photos are for illustrative purposes, if you wish further information about products please contact our customer service. In the case of professional purchases, unami-store.com can not be held responsible for any indirect damages that may be the consequences of business interruption, loss of profit, loss of opportunity, damages or expenses that might arise from the purchase of products.

12.Applicable law

Any order implies full acceptance of the Client Terms and Conditions. These terms and conditions of sale are governed by French law.


In case of problem or complaint in connection with an order, the Customer may contact our Customer Service. Otherwise, the Tribunal de Commerce de Lille has exclusive jurisdiction, regardless of delivery location or accepted method of payment.


13. Data Protection Act

The personal information collected by unami-store.com during a Customer's order are necessary and will only be used for the processing of the order. Any lack of information will result in the cancellation of the order. unami-store.com undertakes not to disclose to third parties the informations provided by the Customer.

THEO SARL is declared to the CNIL (Commission Nationale Informatique et Liberté) under the number 1579140. In accordance with the Data Protection Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, the Customer has a right to access, rectify, oppose and delete data related to him. 


He can also make the request by e-mail to our Customer Service or by mail at the following address:

Sarl THEO Unami

Customer Service

8 rue St Jacques

BP 332 59026 Lille Cedex, France

In compliance with the law on confidence in the Digital Economy (loi sur la confiance dans l’Economie Numérique), any advertising  message sent to the email address you provided us will be clearly identified as advertising. unami-store.com will clearly identify itself as a transmitter of the sent messages. Offers from our partners will only be sent if the Customer has previously given his consent. He may at any time object to the sending of any commercial offers, by e-mail, via the contact section.